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We offer

– Investments | Business Development for Emerging Markets

– Keynote Storytelling | Behavioural Marketing

– Recruiting & Training Africa’s Workforce

What story would you like to tell?


If you are looking to invest in emerging markets… We provide an on-the-ground approach by bringing forth tech startups that are best suited for your investment portfolio with sufficient diversification, risk/return profile, and capital staging to maximize your investment. Giving you insights from both public and private sector sources to help you to get first dibs on Africa’s opportunities.

Influencing Behaviour

I Hope will show you the anthropology of how great brands build narratives that move us—and teach you the art of storytelling in understanding and presenting the cultural worlds and life stories of others- making your brand tell stories that move others.

Human Capital

We have access to a pool of talented individuals who will not only help grow what you’ve already built but bring life to any project, department or learnership program.

“Their energy reinvigorates me. It’s always a pleasure working with them!”